Maritime Consultancy

Chartering Workshops

Join our workshop program to become more independent from brokers and build up solid chartering know-how in your company. Our maritime business advisor will develop and establish an effective chartering process in your company. Your shipping contracts and documents will be customized according to your trade and risk portfolio. Your team will be trained on the process and is prepared for possible external certification (ISO). The effective process optimizes results and turnover by minimizing risk and liability. 

Market Research

We provide general and specific market research for owners, banks and investors based on our vessel database and and market information. Our database covers all heavylift-, multipurpose vessels, deck - / semi submersiblecarriers, off-shore tonnage and bulkers up to 80,000 dwt. It allows to identify vessels by geographic areas and also detailed technical criteria such as SWL capacity including crane outreach, longest Hold/Hatch, and many more details.

Vessel Valuation

Our deep know-how and network combined with our software tools and extensive database, enables us to determine ships market price. A certificate of valuation will be issued which can be utilized for project evaluation with owners, banks and investors. 

Heavy Lift Exchange Forum

Thomas Cord is the chairman and co-initiator of the DNVGL Heavy Lift Exchange Forum. The Forum members include all major Heavy Lift Carriers who meet 2-3 times per year to exchange ideas about new technical developments, safety rules, training, operational experience, and market trends. 

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